Friday, October 17, 2014

2014 Northwest Tea Festival @ Seattle (10/4-5/2014)

Cheers!  Cheers to all of our tea friends in Northwest !
This one indeed has been delayed for 7 years.

Back in 2008 at the World Tea Expo, Julee and Doug had invited us to be part of Northwest Tea Festival at Seattle, our answer was 'maybe... next year'.  It ends up, year after year, and we have missed them all till this one.  Due to our TOST program happens to have conflict on the schedule. Both events are taken place in October, and it is extremely difficult for us to loose focus.
Here we are, finally, attending 2014 Northwest Tea Festival at the famous Seattle Center.

I am shocked to see how busy the festival is... we need to squeeze and get by...while each exhibitor is happily serving customers.  The official tea cups are totally gone almost right after the door open on Sunday, and it shows how tea lovers in the Northwest are really thirsty for fine tea.  We have two sessions here, one is on main stage, Saturday 2pm, which Josephine and I share with our open audience - 'Spectrum of Taiwan Oolongs'., another one is Advanced Cupping on Taiwan Oolongs with signed up attendees.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

2014 L.A. International Tea Festival (8/16-17/2014)

Glad to see The 4th Annual Los Angeles International Tea Festival is growing bigger and bigger. We are still at the same venue: National Japanese American History Museum in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles.  It is mutually beneficial to our tea festival and Nisei Matsuri event over the weekend.
Josephine and Karen are working so hard at the booth while I have to do the tea classes.  We just hope more and more tea lovers will enjoy a festival that brings so many vendors and shoppers together, plus a great deal of programs in the classrooms.

We have one class 'All about Taiwan Oolongs' in Saturday, and then join Mr. James Pratt Norwood for the 'International Tea Forum' on Sunday.  We believe in tea education to effectively cultivate our regional tea market.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Strawberry Cream Cheese Pinwheel Pastry paired well with Paoli Oolong (chilled)

Our good friend Ivan and Joecy has cooked a very delicious Taiwan Hakka dish for our dinner today. Karen then thought of having a snack to let us enjoy while pairing with ooloong.
Here is it... Strawberry Cream Cheese Pinwheel Pastry... beautiful and actually very delicious.  We decided to go with our Paoli Oolong #70443  (Quei-Fei) in chilled.  (2014.0824)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Blueberry Danish paired with Oriental Beauty

Thursday 8/14/2014, having a snack in our office with all crews...
Josephine brought in Blueberry Danish for everyone, and I happens to have 3 bottles of Oriental Beauty (#20472)...perfectly paired.

Waffle Breakfast with Classic Tung Ting

Sunday Breakfast in our Azusa Mountain Cove...very relaxed!
Josephine has made waffles with Sweden Lingonberry Jam and I have infused a pot of Classic Tung-Ting 80455 to pair.   (2014.0810)

Spaghetti & Meatballs paired with Amber Gunpowder

Karen has done a very delicious Spaghetti & Meatballs for our Sunday dinner 2014.0810
What tea to be paired? I am using our Amber Gunpowder #70448, one ooloong pac (7.5g) with two infusions to make a 750 ml bottle and get it chilled to serve.
Actually very very....good.

 Here is the profile photo of this 70448 Amber Gunpowder
Just follow this link to prepare tea...make sure to get it chilled to serve....

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pan-fried Milk Fish plus the Broccoli Tofu paired with Wenshan Pouchong (#60436)

Monday Lunch (2014.0804) in our office.  We thought to order to go from Cafe Fusion in Arcadia.  With these delicious Pan-fried Milk Fish plus the Broccoli Tofu... Josephine, Karen and I decided to pair our lunch with chilled Wenshan Pouchong (#60436).